Guitarmaking: Tradition & Technology


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by William R. Cumpiano & Jon Natelson

To all lovers of the guitar and to all aspiring guitarmakers:

In the following months you will see this site expand into the most important resource for training in fretted stringed-instrument making technology available on the internet. We are working on creating an online version of the world’s leading guitarmaking textbook, Guitarmaking: Tradition & Technology, by William R. Cumpiano and Jon Natelson.

In collaboration with the leading guitar-making and repair technologist Harry Becker, we are preparing an exhaustive step-by-step video tutorial series covering the creation of expert fretted stringed instruments, available by subscription.

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Guitarmaking T&T news:

10/2011 -

  1. Work begun on online video tutorial series based on GT&T

  2. Negotiations underway with foreign publishers for GT&T French and Italian editions

  3. Plans in the works for a Rosewood Press GT&T premier anniversary hardcover edition

  4. Plans in the works for a Rosewood Press GT&T Spanish edition

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